Manufacturing is a truly international industry with the emergence of standards that address and recognise this globalisation. Regulatory compliance has become a major milestone in product development and marketing. Government regulatory bodies have become more visible and influential. This ensures compliance with a plethora of requirements including technical, ethical, legal and corporate practices


Independent audits are an extremely important element that ensures objective assessment against exacting standards. This includes ethical and technical audit compliance. Melrose Interiors embrace this. With a global supplier base including UK, Europe and Asia, we ensure our supply chain operates to the high standards. We are members of Sedex, undertake an annual SMETA audit and have a Grade 1 Next COP Grade.

In addition, we are audited on an annual basis by an array of customers. These focus at ethical, technical and IT security compliance.

Auditor with safety glasses and clipboard

Ethical & human rights

Ethical investing is vitally important to Melrose Interiors. We embrace and fully consider sustainable, socially conscious elements. We look to further develop our corporate practices to promote, and increase our understanding. This includes environmental, human rights, consumer protection and diversity issues. We have developed a range of policies and procedures that ensure we understand, engage and continuously improve our operations. Melrose Interiors embrace our supply chain and stakeholders within this initiative.

Sustainability & environment

We are committed to sustainability and protection of the natural environment. We responsibly manage our use and disposal of resources so as to not adversely affect natural environments. Through all aspects of our operation we are determined to continually improve our eco-footprint. We passionately believe in meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Improving the quality of human life while living within the carrying capacity of the Earth’s supporting eco-systems, is a responsibility we all share. By developing new green technologies that conserve natural resources we believe it is possible to use business as a catalyst for change. This is then a driving force toward ecological and societal success.