With customer satisfaction delivering the best ROI, there has been a sea-change in attitude for e-commerce businesses. Order fulfilment is crucial, with the last link in the chain from order to delivery of goods, the most challenging. This can be the difference between engaging with a customer who will become a brand advocate and one who will look to shop elsewhere in future.

Ping Logistics 3PL Third Party Logistics

Positive customer relationships are vital for the longevity of any business. This becomes even more important for a company that is growing beyond their capability to keep pace with demand. By engaging with a 3PL fulfilment partner the benefits are game changing. We are experts in storage, pick, pack, despatch, delivery and returns processing. Customer satisfaction is assured.

Here are just a few reasons why Ping Logistics are your ideal 3PL/Fulfillment partner:



  • Service tailored to be specific to each client’s supply chain requirements;


  • Increased sales of up to 20% on key lines;


  • Ranging from warehouse storage, order fulfilment, managed collections and returns handling;


  • Specialists in awkward or bulky products;


  • Dedicated stock management team;


  • Improved cost control and lower operating costs;
  • Proven sales increase with our same day, and 48-hour, pick, pack and despatch service;


  • Established, trusted distribution partners;


  • Allows you to focus on core business activities, gives protection from market fluctuations;


  • Access to the best 3PL technology;


  • Improves your efficiency and scalability;


  • You benefit from our knowledge and expertise.


UK Distribution, Third Party Logisitcs

With each order being customer branded (delivery note, address label, Invoice), we are experienced at dealing with a plethora of distribution partners. Our extensive number of hand pick and bulk pallet locations is set to increase in-line with market demand for these services. This will not dilute service quality (48-hour despatch at 98% OTIF). To find out more contact us on 01274 491277 or Andy.Murphy@melroseinteriors.co.uk and we will be delighted to discuss your individual requirements.