As the spread of Covid-19 escalates, please be assured Melrose Interiors are doing everything possible to continue to deliver all vital services for our customers as we focus on minimising disruption in the supply chain.


● All our Production facilities are currently fully operational.

● We have good levels of stock.

● All of our suppliers are currently reporting good stock levels for replenishment.

● At this time we have no major disruptions to the Supply Chain.


The health and well-being of our colleagues is paramount and we are taking the precautions below:



● Guidelines have been issued to all employees in accordance with guidance for businesses.

● Contract Cleaning services have been increased with additional daily tasks to clean contact surfaces.

● Sanitising supplies have been placed at key locations on the premises.

● Our clear desk policy is maintained to ensure surfaces are cleaned properly.

● Employee Travel Plans are being monitored to reduce risk and maintain safety within the business.

● Staff levels are under continuous review to ensure the impact of any downtime is  mitigated.

● Remote secure working from any location with wifi is in place, enabling access to the Company servers and Operating Systems for key staff.

● Visitor restrictions are in place. We are also limiting travel and face to face meetings for all our employees.


The Senior Management Team are following the latest news and guidelines daily and strategy meetings are in place weekly. A company structure review has been undertaken to ensure we are able to provide cover with, and across, all departments. All key suppliers have been contacted to confirm similar contingency arrangements are in place. We will continue to keep all customers, suppliers and colleagues fully informed in the event of disruption.


Thank you.