Melrose are fully engaged with consumers’ increased knowledge of social responsibility and call for transparency from retailers and their supply chain. It is a driving force behind our [RE]lay brand of fantastic value, recycled rugs.

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Our intention with [RE]lay was to develop a product with excellent eco-credentials. A product that is accessible to everyone, delivering a strong message about sustainability without charging a premium price. The brand ethos echoes the sentiment that all waste must go somewhere.

  • Recycle
  • Reuse
  • Recover
  • Resolve

The carpet recycling landscape

Each year in the UK around 400,000 tonnes of carpet waste is produced. With approximately 58% going in to landfill, some of this waste still has value. With the [RE]lay brand, our aim is to help reduce the amount going into landfill, or for incineration as a fuel source for cement kilns. To date, we are the largest independent purchaser of carpet surplus in the UK. We have become a destination contact for global carpet manufacturers. This enables us to control shading, quality and ensure continuity of supply. We maintain a substantial UK stock holding.

Warehouse recycling

Points of difference

[RE]lay is a high-quality, commodity product with proven high volumes. We have a versatile distribution capability, and expertise in delivering to large DCs with specific requirements. This is combined with our ability to supply in a number of merchandise options. Offering massive market potential, [RE]lay delivers a number of points of difference:

  • UK made;
  • Outstanding green and eco-credentials;
  • Sustainable volume sales;
  • Fantastic value for money;
  • Runners and doormats fit excellently into store fixtures as a store continuity line;
  • Branded quarter or full pallet FSDU options.
UK Made, Hand Finished Rugs

Our range & market

Carefully hand-finished by our team of skilled machinists the size range covers different areas of the home. This includes doormats, runners, and a range of medium, large and XL options to suit a variety of living areas. As members of Carpet Recycling UK association, we are committed to reducing the carpet waste footprint. The association’s aim is to increase the recycling of carpet waste across the UK while developing a circular economy for these products. Over a ten-year period, more than 900,000 tonnes of carpet have been diverted from landfill. This equates to approximately 56.5k Wembley football pitches. A staggering achievement.

UK Manufacture, hand finished Relay rugs


We received the following awards at the Carpet
Recycling Awards 2018. This was in recognition of our efforts supporting the Carpet Recycling UK association and its aims:

  • Take Back Partner of the Year 2018 (Winner);
  • Recycler of the Year 2018 (Highly Commended).

In October 2021, [RE]lay was shortlisted for the Sustainability award at the Yorkshire Business Masters Awards.

Andy Murphy at awards ceremony

Our production team has a lifetime of experience. Many of our staff are long term employees who have evolved with us as the business has grown. In addition to this we are working with local business enterprise representatives to develop skills-training and apprenticeship opportunities. We are committed to investing in the next generation of manufacturers and machinists. Underpinning this is our investment in our facilities and equipment. New cutting machinery will increase yield, automated rolling and packing will improve efficiencies. Our goal to increase volume by 100% by end of 2019.